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Stage 3 Kit Predator 223/224

Stage 3 Kit Predator 223/224

3 Reviews
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Are you looking to truly make "MAX POWER" from your 224 predator? If so, then this inclusive stage 3 kit is for you. While our competitors kits use an ARC billet rod designed for the smaller 54mm & 55mm cranks, our kit utilizes EC"s forged rod and flat top piston designed for the 58mm crank in the Wildcat 223 engine. Also includes Dyno Cams new pre-clearanced 224 camshaft. This combo requires a lot less clearance work to fit. With that said, this is still not quite a drop in kit and will require very minor clearance work to the inside of the block. This is an awesome builder kit that is reasonably priced. For maximum performance, we recommend porting and milling the head .050-.070 for maximum compression and power.
  • EC 8281 Forged connecting Rod
  • EC Wildcat 223 Flat Top Piston
  • PVL Cast Racing Flywheel
  • 4 Degree Advance Timing Key
  • .275 DYNO CAMS 224 Drop in Camshaft
  • SS Valve and Spring kit; 27/25ss Valves, 26# Springs, Aluminum Retainers With High Groove Keepers
  • Champion Rockers
  • 5.260 Chromoly Pushrods
  • Fire Ring Head Gasket (.045)
  • Sidecover Gasket
  • Valve Cover Gasket
  • Mikuni VM22 Kit
  • NGK Spark Plug


Average Rating:
( 3 )
Brad from Ohio
March 13, 2023
What octane fuel is required to run this rod/piston combo? How far can I go on premium pump gas?
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Matt from AZ
December 29, 2022
Users found this review helpful:
Nice kit. My 224 now lives up to the "Max Power" name. Shipping was extremely fast! Studz Rocks!
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Stan Warwick from Okc, Ok
December 22, 2022
Sweet performance kit for the 224 Predator! I had opted to mill my mead .060, so I called in and had the guys swap out the 5.260 pushrods for 5.200 length. As mentioned in the description, this is not quite a drop in kit and still required a little work to make it fit, but overall it was much easier than the last 224 I built with an ARC rod.
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