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Forged Piston & Long Rod Combo 2.835" Tillotson, 3 Ring

Forged Piston & Long Rod Combo 2.835" Tillotson, 3 Ring

Product Code: LONGRODCOMBO-2.835-3R
Forged Flat-Top and Long Billet Rod Combo with 3-Ring Piston
Drop-In Kit - No Cutting or Honing Required

This kit can produce over 1hp more than the stock rod, using a special length rod and custom piston so that it fits a 2.835" Bore without any machining or boring. Includes piston, rod, rings, bearing, and wrist pin. Fits Tillotson nd GX200 style cranks. Will not fit Predator crankshafts

Wiseco 2.833" Forged Flat-Top (Part # 17-2835XC)
Rod: ARC 3.595
Bearing: Tri Metal
Wiseco Moly 2-Ring Set
Wrist Pin: HD Tool Steel

*Note: Due to variation iin blocks, a light hone may be needed for proper clearance and ring seat. Bore must be straight. The 3.595 rod is a drop in and will leave piston slightly below the deck.Rings require file fitting. Wrist pin may require some trimming depending on which clips are used.


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