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Flywheel, Billet, Small Diameter 6603, Finless, GX390

Flywheel, Billet, Small Diameter 6603, Finless, GX390

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Product Code: 6603-H3
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ARC Flywheel 6603

·No Fins for MethanolApplications

·SFI certified billetaluminum

·14 degrees ofAdjustable Timing with ARC's signature adjustable timing hub

·Small 5 3/4"diameter and lite 2.85 lb. weight for quick revving and faster acceleration

·Powerful Rare EarthMagnet

Due to small diameter,this flywheel will accelerate faster than the standard diameter flywheels eventhose weighing less than this one. This is the Flywheel for ones who want toget out of the hole or corners Quick!

Note: Coil bracket required! Not included unlessspecified.

For use with handheldstarters (extended nut recommended). Will not work with stock recoil.

Fits: GX340, GX390's, 420cc. Predators, &460 OHV's


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