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Ring Set, 212 Predator, Flat-Tops w/.570 Comp Height Ring Set, 212 Predator, Flat-Tops w/ .550 Comp Height Replacement Ring Set, 92mm for 13/15hp Chinese OHVs (Cast Piston), Thin Ring
Piston Rings to fit Predator Flat Tops with .570 Compression Height
Will not fit Pistons w/550 Compression height, Dished, or Stock Hemi Pistons
Top Ring .057", 2nd .057, Oil .094
Piston Rings To Fit Predator Flat Tops With .570 Compression Height.
Will Not Fit Pistons w/ .570 Compression Height, Dished, Or Stock Hemi Pistons.
Top Ring .038", 2nd .038, Oil .096
92mm Rings set for Chinese OHVs. Fits thin ring Cast Pistons only
.047" Top, .047" Middle, .096 "Top

Will not fit Forged Piston
Honda Piston Ring Set,  (GX160 & GX200), Tier 3, Standard Bore Size Ring Set, GX160 UT2 (.480 comp height) (1.0 mm) : Genuine Honda, Std Piston, 72mm, Flat-Top, Cast, .550" Height with Rings
Honda 13010-z4m-003 Piston Ring Set, Standard Bore Size. These fit the new UT2 GX160 (13101-Z4M-800) pistons with the .080 short compression height. They will not fit other GX160s or GX200s OEM Honda.
Available in Std Size only ( Note: Picture Is Not Actual Product)
72mm Cast Flat-Top Piston with Rings
Piston has shorter .550" compression height and a 18mm wrist pin. For 2.835" bores. Use with .02" and .040" rods or with stroker kits. Great for Predator blocks bored +.080".

Bore: 2.835"
Diameter at Skirt: 2.832"
Compression Height: .550"
Piston Length: 1.65"
Ring Size: .046", .046", .96"

Note: Wrist pin and clips not included.