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EC Pinnacle 3.303 Stock Length F200 Forged Rod for Honda GX200/Clone EC Forged Connecting Rod for 236R Engines EC Pinnacle 3.273 Forged Connecting Rod for Hemi Predator 58mm Crankshaft
EC Pinnacle 3.303 Stock Length F200 Forged Rod for Honda GX200/Clone
Our Price: $84.99
Sale Price: $74.99
Savings: $10.00
EC Forged Connecting Rod for 236R Engines
Our Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.99
Savings: $10.00
EC's Pinnacle 3.303 Forged Rod designed for the Honda GX200 also fits the 196 Clone, Tillotson 196R, and Tillotson 212R Engines.

EC stock length forged rod with bearing inserts for the GX200 & GX160 or the BSP196 (Clone) 3.303-inch center-to-center. Use the stock crankshaft and stock style (dished or flat top) pistons in modified engines.
Forged Rods are made more ductile(resistances to fracturing when distorted) than billet or cast rods. That makes forged rods more durable, especially in high rpm and high compression engines.

Rod Bolt Torque: 150lbs using engine oil.

Fits: Honda GX200, BSP 196, Ducar 196, Tillotson 196R, Tillotson 212R, & Wildcat 223. It will fit Ducar/Tillotson 212E but nee a 70mm piston with a .709" wrist pin.

Material: Forged Aluminum
Rod Length: 3.303-inch
Wrist Pin Journal: 17mm
Crank Pin Journal: 1.180-inch

The New! EC Forged Rod for the 236R Engine Kits.

Our EC Forged Rod is designed specifically for the Tillotson 72mm Piston and Wildcat 58mm crankshaft to turn your Tillotson 225 into the EC's 236R Engine.
Replacement rod for our 236 Kit

Rod Specifications:
Material: Billet Aluminum
Rod Weight (w/Bearings & Bolts): 154g
Rod Length: 86.75mm
Large End Journal: (Honda/Clone Crankpin)
Small End Journal 13mm (Tillotson Wrist Pin 138220006)
Forged vs. Billet
If you are not familiar with the difference between billet and forged, we will explain how forging improves the strength of a connecting rod. A forged rod starts with an extruded metal or billet. The billet is placed into a die and hammered into a near-finished shape. The forging reshapes the grain structure of the billet from straight lines into the contour of the part. The reshaping of the grain structure improves the ductility, which is the component's ability to flex before breaking. The hammered part is also denser to make the overall rod stronger.

The Rods are fully CNC machines for a bright aluminum finish and accuracy.

Rod Specs:
Length: 3.273 Inch or 84.17mm
Weight: without bearings 135g
Wrist Pin Journal fits: .709 Inch or 18mm (Clone/Predator)
Crankshaft Journal fits: 1.180 Inch or 30mm (Honda/Clone)