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Predator Hemi 212/223 58mm Stroker kit Predator Hemi 212/223 58mm Stroker kit

Our New Rotating Assembly Is Designed For The Predator 212 Hemi To Increase Displacement To 223cc

The Predator Hemi Has A Shorter Deck Height Than Most Other Honda-Based Clone Engines. Due To The Deck Height, It Was Difficult To Use Current Aftermarket Components With The 58mm Stroker Crank In This Block. Usually, Stroking The Engine Required Clearance Of The Rod, Cam, Crank, And Piston For Fitment. We Have Resolved These Issues With Our 58mm Stroker Kit For The Predator Hemi.

Kit Components:

Wildcat 223cc, 70mm Flat Top Piston- The Wildcat Piston Provides Clearance Between The Crank’s Counterweights and Piston Skirt. The Wildcat Piston Is Also Lighter Due To The Different Designs. The Piston Comes As A Complete Assembly With Rings, Wrist Pins, And Circlips.

EC Pinnacle Forged Rod- The Forged Rod Is Shorter Than Stock To Set The Flat Top Piston At Zero Deck Height (Some Variance May Be Expected with Mass-Produced Blocks.) Unlike Many Other Rods, The Dipper Doesn’t Interfere With The Cam Core, Making Installation Easier.

Wildcat 58mm Crankshaft- the Crankshaft Is the Same Used EC236R And The Wildcat 223 Engine. The Crankshaft Should Only Require Clearance Matching With The Camshaft, Depending On The Lobe Profile And The Compression Release. The Crankshaft Also Using The Honda / Clone Tapered Flywheel; The Hemi Flywheels Will Not Work. We Recommend Using Our SK200 Rev Wheel.

The Purpose Of This Kit Is To Offer More Displacement To Predator 212 Hemi For Classes That Are Limited To Predator Brand Engines.

Our Price: $209.99
Ducar/Tillotson 212E/223E / Predator NON Hemi Stroker Kit Ducar/Tillotson 212E/223E / Predator NON Hemi Stroker Kit

Our New Rotating Assembly Is Designed For Ducar/ Tillotson 212E To Increase Displacement to 223cc.
Tillotson 212E And A Non Hemi Has A Taller Deck Height Than The Predator 212 Hemi. Due To he Deck Height Will Require A Slightly Longer Rod That The Other Ones We Use In Our Predator 212/223 Stroker Kit To Put The Piston Flush With the Deck.
Usually, Stroking The engine required clearance of the rod, cam, crank, and piston for fitment. We have resolved these issues with our 58mm stroker kit for the Ducar/Tillotson 212E Hemi.
This kit is made for the Ducar/Tillotson 212E Blocks and is not designed to fit the Tillotson 212R Engines.
Attention !!! Non Hemi Flywheels will not fit this crank! You would need to purchase our 6619 Billet Flywheel
Kit Includes:
Wildcat 223cc 70mm Flat Top Piston - The Wildcat Piston provides clearance between the cranks counterweights and the piston skirt. The Wildcat piston is also lighter due to the different designs. The piston comes as a complete assembly with rings, wrist pins, and circlips.

EC Pinnacle Forged Rod - The Forged rod is shorter than the stock to set the flat top piston at zero deck height (some variance may be expected with mass produced blocks) Unlike many other rods, the dipper doesn't interfere with the cam core, making installation easier.

Wildcat 58mm Crankshaft - The Crankshaft is the same used in EC 236R and the Wildcat 223 Engine. The crankshaft should only require clearance machining with the camshaft, depending on the lobe profile and the compression release. The crankshaft also using Honda/clone tapered flywheel: the flywheels will not work. We recommend using our SK200 Rev Wheel.

Our Price: $209.99
EC 236cc Stroker Kit Assembly for the Tillotson 72mm Block EC 236cc Stroker Kit Assembly for the Tillotson 72mm Block

Our Price: $269.99
Sale Price: $240.00
Savings: $29.99