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Valve Notcher Kit, Hemi Predator

Valve Notcher Kit, Hemi Predator


Low-Cost and Effective Valve Notcher for Hemi Head 212 Engines
Includes extra-long valve and 5 discs


Step 1: Clean face of valve with alcohol.

Step 2: Attach sanding disc to valve.

Step 3: Tape off block (between piston and block), oil return hole, and pushrod area to prevent shavings or sanding dust from entering block.
Step 4: Install valve(s) in head, and bolt head to block. A used head gasket should be used between head and block. Do not over-torque bolts (hand tight should be fine).

Step 5: Using an electric or cordless drill, notch piston using light pressure. The amount to be notched depends on builder preference. BE CAREFUL!

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for other side if needed.

*WARNING: This kit is meant for the experienced engine builder. User must determine suitability of whether the piston can be notched, and if so, how much.
NR Racing takes no responsibility for engine failures due to use of this or any other valve-notching procedure.

Kit includes: 1 x 28mm notcher, 1 x 25mm notcher, and 5 discs for each size.


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