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AMSOIL 4T Racing Engine Break In Oil kit

AMSOIL 4T Racing Engine Break In Oil kit

1 Reviews
Great Value For Breaking In A New Small Engine!
Break-In Oil (SAE 30)

Formulated without friction modifiers to allow for quick and efficient piston ring seating in new and rebuilt high-performance and racing engines. Contains zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to protect cam lobes, lifters and rockers during the critical break-in period when wear rates are highest.

Synthetic 4T Racing Oil
Synthetic 4T Racing Oil is formulated with pure synthetic base oils that resist extreme heat common to air-cooled racing engines better than conventional oils. Its increased thermal stability helps reduce operating temperatures and guards against sludge and deposits that rob engines of power, promoting optimum engine performance and life.

Chain Lube By AMSOIL 11oz Can
AMSOIL Chain Lube is suitable for all types of chains, including O, X and Z roller chains found in street, off-road and racing motorcycles. It is also excellent for bicycle, agricultural and industrial applications. 11oz can.
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T Mai
June 14, 2021
Great package for breaking in and maintaining engine. Products came very quick, order placed and received two days later as with anything from SR, unlike the other guys who ship your product 10-14 days later and leave items missing.
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