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PWK24 24mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for Predator/Clone

PWK24 24mm Gas Slide Carburetor Kit for Predator/Clone

List Price: $160.00
Savings: $
Product Code: PWK24-1K
The PWK24 is a 24mm bore slide carburetor setup and tuned for the popular Honda-Clone engines, including Tillotson, Predator Wildcat, Ducar, and the original Honda.

The d-type slide provides better chrematistics than round slide carburetors to provide better response and turning consistency. Don't underestimate the carburetor's 24mm bore size. The carburetor flows roughly 90cfm at 28 inches, providing more than adequate airflow for stock and most big valve ported heads. The carburetor works with most modified cruisers and race engines running on gas. However, we often get questions about whether a carburetor will work for a combination, so here our recommended engine specs to get the most from this carburetor.

Now includes velocity stack/air filter adapter for common 2.5-inch air filters.

Recommended Engine Specs:.
Camshaft 275+ lift, 240+ duration
28-36* Ignition Timing
Ported Head with 27mm+ Intake Valve

Note: All Carburetors are effected by atmospheric conditions (Barometric Pressure, Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Elevation, etc.) Each carburetor is calibrated, tuned, or jetted for the application but may require additional tuning depending on the conditions.


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