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Carburetor, Stock Appearing (SA) Extreme, Stage 2, Gas

Carburetor, Stock Appearing (SA) Extreme, Stage 2, Gas

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SA Extreme, Large Butterfly Carburetor - Choice of Fuel
Extensively modified, stock-appearing GX200/6.5 OHV Clone carb that produces the most HP possible utilizing a stock carb body.

In addition to having the largest Venturi area of any of our other bored carbs, the butterfly size has been significantly increased to provide 60% more airflow than a stock carb. Fuel circuits and jets have been reworked to maintain proper mixture. Choke is removed.

Venturi is CNC-milled and oval-shaped to maximize volume and velocity. Equivalent bore size (area) is greater than a .670" bore.

Stage 2 carbs will have some internal or external epoxy. However, they flow slightly better than stage 3 carbs.

Dyno testing shows these carbs to produce up to 1hp more than a standard bored (stock butterfly) carb and over 2hp more than a stock carb with only marginal loss in low-end and idle quality.


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