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Engine Kit, 214 to 236cc, 2.310 Billet Stroker Crank, Wiseco Piston - GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV's

Engine Kit, 214 to 236cc, 2.310 Billet Stroker Crank, Wiseco Piston - GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV's

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Product Code: BILLETSTRK214

Kit includes all the internal parts you need to assemble a Modified, Outlaw or Open style small block.

The crank included is a custom Billet crank that offers .175" longer stroke than a Honda GX200 or Clone 196cc crank and .135" longer than a Predator 212cc crank machined from a solid bar of 4340 Chromoly steel and is far superior in strength over OEM cranks. Crank is precision balanced when using piston sizes 2.678" or 2.756". Piston sizes from 2.815" to 3" may require re-balancing.

The kit allows you to choose from two different length custom Billet connecting rods. The 3.525" rod can be installed without having to cut down the dome of the piston in most blocks. The other option is 3.625" in length and will require .085" to .095" be cut off the dome of the piston to set the "in the hole" height according to the blocks deck height. All rods come with bolts, bearings and installation instructions. Only use 3.525" rod with 3 ring pistons.

  • + .175 Billet Steel Stroker Super Alloy Crank
  • Choice of 2 or 3 ring Pistons,
  • Choice of 3.525" or 3.625 Billet Rod,
  • Rings,
  • HD wristpin, and clips.
  • Sleeve not included (typically not required for 2.815 bore or less)
  • Optional Flywheel & Billet Side Cover (Not included unless specified, Pic for reference only)
Top of piston must be cut and block honed or bored to fit. Block must be significantly clearanced.
This is not a bolt in kit, but for experienced engine builders. Balancing not required but recommend

214cc with 2.670" (68mm) Piston (Drop in for GX200)
225cc with 2.757" (70mm) Piston (drop in for Predator)
236cc with 2.815 *72mm) Piston


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