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280 Series Camshaft - (GX240s to GX390s)

280 Series Camshaft - (GX240s to GX390s)

Product Code: 280-08-11-BB
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The Torque Cam, massive amounts of low end power for Marine, Mini-Bikes, and Small Tracks.
Approx .280 lift and 220 duration (at .050). This is a nice cam that works well on both stock and modified motors. This cam produces lots of low end torque. One of the best all around cams we offer. Works with stock, bored , or Aftermarket carbs.

08-11 RPM Grind - The best all around cam for big blocks. 6500+ RPM. 10.5 to 1 compression or more, HD Springs Required.

Note: Honda Blocks or crankshaft may require clearancing to clear camshaft lobes.

Fits Honda GX240 thru GX390, 420 Predators, 460cc OHVs, and most other 9 thru 15 hp Honda Style OHV Motors

Will not fit 414 LCT motors and some 301 Predators with large journals


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