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AZUSA Engine/Motor Adapter Mounting Plate 5" x 12", Flat (11 ga.) Engine Riser Kit AZUSA Engine/Motor Adapter Mounting Plate, 5" X 12", Flat, Heavy 8199
Engine Riser Kit
Our Price: $21.95
Sale Price: $18.95
Savings: $3.00

Engine Mounting Plate - 5" x 12" Flat, 11 Gauge Steel
Engine Mounting Plate - 5" x 12" x 0.137 (9/64") 11 gauge with slotted mounting holes.
Product Specs:

  • Flat Engine Mounting Plate
  • 12" x 5"
  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Slotted Mounting Holes
  • Center to Center Distance: 2 3/4" x 5"
  • Fits all popular Small Block Engines 3HP-7HP
  • Fits Briggs & Stratton
  • Tecumseh
  • Honda, Honda Clone
  • Predator 212cc

1" engine riser / spacer, includes 2 1" square and hardware to mount. Fits 4-7 hp engines with 3 1/8" center spacing. Used when installing torque converters on Coleman or other Minibikes.

Engine Mounting Plate, 5" x 12", Flat, Heavy 9 Gauge Steel with slotted mounting holes.

Fits all popular Small Block engines 3HP-6.5HP

  • Fits Briggs & Stratton
  • Tecumseh, Honda
  • Honda Clone
  • Predator 212cc
AZUSA Engine/Motor Adapter Mounting Plate 8-3/4'' x 7-3/4'' with Lips Harrison  Engine/Motor Adapter Mounting Plate Ruttman Mini Bike Heavy Duty Engine/Motor Adapter Mounting Plate
This is an Engine Mounting Plate, 8-3/4" x 7-3/4" with lips.
  • It is weldable steel component of one or more Azusa-design assemblies.
This Topper Plate Is Designed To Go Over Existing Engine Plate. Light Duty Steel Plate. Saves you the Trouble Of Grinding Your Old Plate Off.   5/64 Thick, .08. Exact Replacement for A Harrison Mini Bike.  Will Fit Standard Small Block Engines Footprint 3-7 Horsepower Engines. Made To Exact Specs For Ruttman Mini Bike But Heavier Gauge Steel.
  • Fits Most Common Small Block Engine Footprint Found on 3-7 HP.
  • 9/64 Thick
  • 9/25 X 7 inches
Mega Moto 80/105 Motor/Engine Adapter Plate Mega Moto 98 Adapter Plate Heavy Duty Big Block Engine Mounting Plate
The Mega Moto 80/105 Adapter Plate will allow you to mount a Predator 212/Tillotson 212/Clone 196 Engine to your Mega Moto 80/105/E1000 frame. This plate is tall enough to be able to use a 30 series Torque Converter Kit without any extra modifications to your bike. Because of this height, you will need to relocate gas tank and run a Stage 1 Kit to fit in your frame. No hardware included.
Allows you to bolt on a Predator/Tillotson/Honda Clone engine to Mega Moto 80/105/E1000 frame
Slotted holes for direct chain alignment with a centrifugal clutch
Extra set of holes for our Fully Adjustable Motor Plate (STDZZSBPLATE). Having both plates will allow you to run a 30 Series Torque Converter Kit.
*******Will have to relocate gas tank for clearance*******
Hardware not included (you will need 5/16" nuts and bolts)


Looking for a way to upgrade your Mega Moto 80 Minibike? Look no further than our Mega Moto 98 adapter plate! Made of durable steel, this adapter plate allows you to easily mount a stock or stage 1 98cc engine onto your Mega Moto 80 frame. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, this adapter plate is the perfect way to take your Mega Moto to the next level. Slotted for engine adjustment. Upgrade your ride today with our Mega Moto 98 adapter plate!

Mega Moto 98 Adapter Plate Features:

  • Adapt a 98cc Engine into the Mega Moto 80 Minibike Frame
  • Slotted for engine and chain adjustability

Mega Moto 98 Adapter Plate Includes:

  • Mega Moto 98 Adapter Plate
  • (4) 5/16" x 3/4" Bolts, Washers, & Serrated Nuts
Heavy Duty Steal Big block Engine Plate For GX240, GX270, GX390, Predator 301, And, 420
  • Fits Most Common Big Block Engine Footprints
  • 11/64 Thick
  • 12 X 12 inches