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Brake Band Pin Hurricane/Mega Moto Pro M8x20mm Stainless Steel Disc Brake Rotor Screw Bolts ( Sold As Each) Brake Drum 4 1/4" Universal Brake Drum
Brake Band Pin
Our Price: $1.99
Used To Connect Brake Cable To Brake Band. These Are Sold As Each (1)
Rotor bolts For The Hurricane And Mega Moto Pro
M8x20mm Screw Bolts Stainless Steel Disc Brake Rotor
  • Fits Studz Brake Band Part #STDZBRAKEBAND And 4-3/16" Band Brakes.
  • Four 5/16" holes on 2 13/16" circle
  • Four 3/8" holes on 2 7/8" circle
  • 4 1/4" OD x 1" HT
  • Rear Brake Pads MB200, Hurricane, Mega Moto Pro Brake Band Drum 4-1/2" CLUTCH BAND BRAKE 4-3/16"
    Brake Band Drum 4-1/2"
    Our Price: $16.99
    Our Price: $24.99
    Rear Brake Pads for the Trailmaster MB200 (DA BOSS), Trailmaster MB200x (Hurricane), & The
    Mega Moto Pro
    4-1/2" Drum has 6 holes on a 5-1/4" bolt circle. Machined "OD" for band brakes.
    All drums have 3 sets of moutning holes: 3 & 4 hole on a 3.75" diameter bolt circle
    and a 4 hole on a 3.228" bolt circle to match the Azusa Mini-Hub.
    • Machined OD for Band Brake Use
    • 2-1/8" Center Bore
    • Fits Our 4.5" Brake Band
    This Is Our Most Popular Brake Band. Fits All 4' Drums And All 4" Clutches. Comes With Brake Pin.
    Manco Brake Band with clip 4" 4.5" Brake Drum With 1" Hub 4" X 5/8,3/4, 1" Jack Shaft Brake/Hub Drum Steel
    4"brake band with retainer clip. Most popular brake band on the market. Made Specifically for Manco Karts But  works most other domestic made karts. Does not work with Carter go-karts that use a 5" band. For A Live Axle. Ideal for small, low horsepower vehicles.
    4″ Brake Drum. 5/8" Keyed Center Hub. Will Work On Any 5/8 Jack Shaft. Use As A most common 4" brake band.
    6" Murray/MiniBike Brake Band
    6" Brake Band that was commonly used on Murray karts and older mini bikes with a 6" Brake Drum.