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Hemi Head, Racing, for 212 Predators and 6.5 Chinese OHV's Hemi Head, Racing, for 212 Predators and 6.5 Chinese OHV's

Hemi Style Race head for 212 Predators and GX200s. Includes Rockers. Everything you need to install (except head gasket, Valve cover, and pushrods).
Heads are typically built to order, Allow 2 to 3 days to ship (due to availability of Hemi cores, it may take even longer)
  • Fully Ported and bead blasted (option to delete)
  • Milled to increase compression
  • Oversize Lightweight Stainless Valves, 28mm Intake, 25mm Exhaust (Choice of +.070 or +.230" Longer)
  • Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with Stainless valves.
  • 3 angle valve job
  • Lash Caps
  • Choice of single or dual springs

Requires 5.34 to 5.44 for the .070" longer valves or 5.11 to 5.16 for the .230" pushrods (not included)

Hemi heads are prone to piston to valve clearance. They must be checked carefully
Hemi heads are subject to coil bind using .070" Valves
We do not recommend 1.3 rockers due to valve to piston clearance issues.
The .230" valves may create improper valve geometry when using 1.2 or 1.3 ratio rockers
1.3 ratio rockers may coil bind when using .070" valves
.274 and 1.2 Rockers are max recommended valve lift for .070" long valves

Pics are for reference only. Actual head may vary

Our Price: $239.99
18cc 32/27mm 5mm Tillotson Big Valve Head CNC ported 18cc 32/27mm 5mm Tillotson Big Valve Head CNC ported

CNC Ported 18cc 32/27mm 5mm Tillotson Big Valve Head CNC ported
The Head comes with 32mm intake and 27mm exhaust valves: 5mm stems. Precision multi-angle job, Valve Bowl Area, Cleaned up to match the seats. the valve work is performed on Rotter Seat & guide machine accuracy and precision. Heads are vacuum checked after the valves are installed to ensure your air-fuel mixture and combustion happens in the cylinder. the heads milled to ~18cc combustion chamber. the cylinder head is CNC ported on our state of the art multi-axis HAAS machines. CNC ported rather than hand porting makes each port job consistent and accurate from head to head. This also reduces the cost of labor to make it more budget-friendly. Springs, retainers, rockers, gaskets, seals, or valve cover are omitted.
Head Specs:
  • Intake: 32mm,5mm
  • Exhaust: 27mm, 5mm
  • Combustion Chamber: 18cc, Non-Hemi
  • Multi-Angle Valve Job
  • CNC Ported
Compression Ratio Examples (Final results will vary on Engine measurements)
Predator hemi, Flat Top .035 Deck Height
w/.045 Thick Head Gasket 10.48:1
w/.010 Thin Head Gasket 12.19:1
Tillotson 212, flat top .000 Deck Height
w/ .045 Thick Head Gasket 10.48:1
w/ .01 Thin Head gasket
Tillotson 225, Flat Top .000 Deck height
w/ .045 Thick Head Gasket 11:01:1
w/ .032 Thin head gasket 11:49:1

Our Price: $319.99
Sale Price: $299.99
Savings: $20.00
EC Evolution Performance Cast Cylinder Head EC Evolution Performance Cast Cylinder Head

The EC Evolution Performance cast Cylinder Head isn't just changing the game: it's rewriting the rules.

The EC Evo Head is a big valve non-Hemi Head with 33mm intake and 27mm exhaust with 5mm stems for the Honda GX 200 and many clones, including the Predator 212, Tillotson 196-212-225, wild cat 223, and Duncar Engines.

When EC Designed the Tillotson Blocks, The Goal was to increase the performance and durability of modified engines while lowering the build cost. The EC 236cc Engine kit was a manifestation of that goal, but it still lacked one area that was still lacked one area that was still relatively expensive. For racers to compete in 14.5ci open engine kart classes, billet heads were considered the best offered, whether it was stock or modified.

The Evo was to answer the cost of those cylinder heads, but it wasn't the only goal. The Evo allows you to use the same intake manifold, exhaust header, rocker arms, valve cover, valve springs, and retainers currently on the market for Honda, Predator, Tillotson, or Clone non-Hemi Heads. So not only are you not replacing those parts, but you now have more options for those components. Most billet heads offer only one ratio, which may limit your cam or spring choices.

There are also situations "Billet" heads are not permitted, and within minibike drag racing, there are "cast only" racing and records. These classes will often allow extensive modifications to those heads rather then allow billets. As we said, the EVO is here to rewrite the rules and change the game. The EVO is a cast head the rivals the performance of a billet head.

Here is a flow chart provided by Barry Young at Young Engines

LIFT CFM @ 28-inches -intake Valve
.100 48cfm
.150 73cfm
.200 92cfm
.250 98cfm
.300 103cfm
.350 107cfm
.400 108cfm
.450 109cfm
.500 110cfm

EC has put horsepower on tap, and its affordable. lowering the cost also opens cylinder head builders and engine builders to a better platform for modifications and new combinations.

EVO Specs
Intake Valve -33mm
Exhaust Valve - 27mm
Valve Stem Dian - 5mm
Combustion Chamber 20cc
Weight 2.9lbs

Our Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $340.00
Savings: $59.99