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EC Tillotson 212R Cast Aluminum Flywheel Flywheel, Aluminum (Dyno PVL), Racing - GX200 & 6.5 OHV (Chinese) SR Silver SK Rev Wheel Billet Flywheel For Honda GX200/Clone/Tillotson
SR Silver SK Rev Wheel Billet Flywheel For Honda GX200/Clone/Tillotson
Our Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $110.00
Savings: $10.00
Approved AKRA Economy Class. OEM Cast Aluminum Flywheel For The Tillotson 212R. This Flywheel Fits Honda A nd Clone Tapered Crankshafts. It DOES NOT Fit The Predator Hemi. Its BALCO Certified And Spin tested To 8500 RPMs.
This Flywheel has a timing of 18 degrees . We recommend buying our 12 Degree timing key for optimum performance

The PVL flywheel fin design allows it to move a very high volume of air. It is recommended that you leave only 1 of the blower housing recoil air intakes open. If more cooling is desired then the tape can be removed. The engine will perform best when you have the right amount of cooling to keep the engine from reaching an excessive temperature.
The flywheel works with the standard OEM clone coil with a recommended coil gap of .038-.040". The running timing with a straight up key is 28 degrees and it is recommended to start with a running timing between 28 to 31 degrees.
PVL, the manufacturer, tested the flywheel at 17,000 rpms and an independent company in the USA tested the flywheel at 15,000 rpms for 60 minutes, both without failure.

These testings do not verify or guarantee the safety, suitability, use, or the fitness of this flywheel. Racing is dangerous and exploding parts can cause injury or death.
The flywheel comes with two 5/16-24 threaded holes in the steel hub for the use of a standard 2 bolt puller for removal.

Note: This Flywheel uses stock coil!
Safety and Performance at an affordable price!

AKRA & WKA Approved

Fits GX160, GX200, & 6.5 Chinese OHV. Will not fit 212 Predators

SR REV Wheel Version 2 Flywheel Is A Billet Racing Flywheel For Honda/Clone And Tillotson 212 Engines
All Billet Aluminum Flywheel With Unique Fin Design For Low Wind Resistance Less Loss Of Power. Designed With Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet, Each Flywheel Is Spun Balanced. Advanced Timing Approx. 34 Degrees Weight .5LBS AKARA, WKA & IKF Approved. This Flywheel Fits The Honda GX200, Clone 196, Tillotson 196/212/225, And Ducar 196/212.

  • THESE WILL NOT FIT ANY MODEL OF PREDATOR ENGINE. Some Will Argue It Will Fit Non-Hemi Predator, But It's Not A Precise Fit Compromising The Reliability.
  • Set Coil Gap .035- .040"
  • Torque To 65ft/lbs
Billet ARC Flywheel (6619) Honda GX160-GX200,Clone,Tillotson 212, Predator 224, Ghost 212 Flywheel, Billet, Super Light - GX200, GX160, 6.5 Chinese OHV Flywheel, Billet, PVL, Fixed (bracket Included) - GX160  - GX200,  & 6.5 Chinese OHV
This Flywheel Is Made For The GX200, 196cc Clones and Ducar 212cc, Tillotson 212cc, and Predator 224. Predator Ghost , Not Designed For Either of The Predator 212cc Engines, Due To The Shaft Taper Not Being The Same.


SFI Certified Billet Aluminum Flywheel For Honda GX160, GX200, Clone 196cc, Ducar 196/212, Tillotson 196/212, And Predator 224 Engines. Will Work With Stock Pull Rope And OEM Coil.
Weighs 3.5lbs And Has A Special Designed High-Power Magnet That Creates A Spark That Is Hotter And Lasts Longer, Getting The Most Power From Every Drop Of Fuel.
Flywheel Is Set At 32 Degrees BTDC With A Stock Key.
Minimum Coil Gap .030. Torque To 65 Ft/Lbs

Flywheel Billet, 1.75 LBS Stock Diameter, Lightest Flywheel Available.
Flywheel, Billet Aluminum , with PVL ignition. This ignition does not drop off and maintains timing at high RPM. Will typically add 1 hp on an Open or highly modified GX200, 12,000 rpm max. Coil Not Included. See Part Number 555681 to Purchase.
Flywheel, Billet, Digital Ignition (PVL), Ultra Light - GX200, GX160, 6.5 Chinese OHV ARC Billet Flywheel, GX200/Clone 196 Adj. Timing Flywheel, Billet, Small Diameter 6603, Finless, GX200 & 6.5 OHV

Light weight billet flywheel for use with Digital (PVL) ignition. At 1.6lbs it is the lightest flywheel on the market for instant throttle response. SFI certified.

This ignition does not drop off and maintains timing at high RPM. Will typically add 1 hp on an Open or highly modified GX200, 12,000 rpm max.

(Fixed Timing Bracket Included)

Coil sold separate. Click here for Coil

Fits: GX200's & 6.5 Racing "Clones". Will not fit Predators.

Will not work with Electric Start.

WARNING: No return on Flywheels that have been removed from packaging. Make sure you know what type of Motor you have.

Billet SFI Certified flywheel with adjustable timing for the Honda GX160 and GX200 and Clone 196 engines. The hub comes set in the first negative position, this will be 24 deg with a stock timing key. Index marks are in 2° increments which allows up to 14° timing advance from the stock position (24°-38° range with stock key).

The flywheel weighs 4.05 lbs and has a super-strong rare earth neodymium magnet.

NOT designed to work with pull starter. Minimum coil gap .030" Torque to 65 ft/lbs

ARC Flywheel 6603

· No Fins for Methanol Applications

· SFI certified billet aluminum

· 14 degrees of Adjustable Timing with ARC's signature adjustable timing hub

· Small 5 3/4" diameter and lite 2.85 lb. weight for quick revving and faster acceleration

· Powerful Rare Earth Magnet

Due to small diameter, this flywheel will accelerate faster than the standard diameter flywheels even those weighing less than this one. This is the Flywheel for ones who want to get out of the hole or corners Quick!

Note: Coil bracket required! Not included unless specified.

For use with handheld starters (extended nut recommended). Will not work with stock recoil.

Fits: GX200 & 6.5 "Clones" (Will not fit Predators!!)

Flywheel, Billet, GX200, Drag, Digital Ignition (PVL) Flywheel, Billet, Digital Ignition (PVL) Adjustable (includes bracket) - GX200, GX160, & 6.5 Chinese OHV ARC Clone 196cc Electric Start Billet Flywheel, Honda GX160, GX200/Clone, Tillotson 212 Electric Start Predator 224

Billet Flywheel for Gx200s & 6.5 BSP Clones

Finless Flywheel designed for the Junior Dragster & 1/8 mile Mini-Bike Engines.

It has an adjustable hub that allows timing changes at 1-degree increments in as little as 90 seconds without the use of offset keys or having to take anything apart.

No fins, for methanol applications.

Will not work with stock recoil.

6617-H Finned Flywheel with adjustable timing
For the Honda GX200 or Clone engine that that allows the use of the Briggs 555681 PVL coil.
Includes coil bracket. Coil sold separate.

Not designed for pull starter.
Flywheel Wt. 3.85 lbs.
Will typically add 1 hp on an Open or highly modified GX200, 12,000 rpm max.
(Note: Requires the use of the #555681 (or other Briggs PVL Coils)

Billet aluminum flywheel for the electric start Honda GX200/Clone. Built from 6061-T6 aluminum features a powerful rare earth magnet and a replaceable 7075-T6 aluminum ring gear. This SFI approved flywheel features 32 degrees BTDC timing (8 degrees advance) and high performance yet durable fin design. Also works with the OEM pull start. Will NOT accommodate the OEM charging system.