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Predator 224 / Wildcat 223 70mm Flat Top Piston EC 7 Bolt Billet Side Cover for Wildcat 223 & Proquip 72MM Block
Predator 224 / Wildcat 223 70mm Flat Top Piston
Our Price: $28.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Savings: $4.00
EC 7 Bolt Billet Side Cover for Wildcat 223 & Proquip 72MM Block
Our Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $159.99
Savings: $20.00
The Wildcat 70mm flat top piston has shorter skirts and weighs less that the typical 70mm factory piston found in the Predator or Tillotson engines. The design of the piston is made to clear the Wildcats 58mm stroke crankshaft and stock length connecting rod. *Will Fit The Predator 224 Engine*
Compatible with the 3.353 Forged Connecting Rod For Wildcat
Wildcat 223 vs. Predator 212 Weight
  • Wildcat 223 Flat Top Piston Only - Average Weight 138 grams
  • Wildcat 223 Flat Top 70mm Piston Only- Average Weight 138 Grams
  • Predator 212 Hemi Flat Top 70mm Piston Only- Average Weight 158 grams
Kit Includes:
-70mm Piston
-Piston Ring Set
-Wrist Pin
-Circle clips

Products Features

Diameter: 70mm/2.756-inch
Wrist Pin Journal: 18mm/0.7075-inch
Weight: 138g
The Wildcat Billet Side Covers differ from the regular Tillotson/Clone/Ducar and Predator Hemi with an additional bolt hole in the bottom of the of the side cover like the stock Wildcat side cover. The additional bolt increases the clamping force and reduces flex and distortion.

The EC Billet Side Cover contains many new features not found on many billet side cover on the market. We utilize our lates PCV (Pressure Control Valve) design for controlling crankcase pressure and venting. There is also a second fitting for additional venting or be used as a vacuum port.

One of the most significant advantages is our oil sump capacity. Another often overlooked benefit is our oil fill channel allows smoother and quicker oil changes. Less time wasted waiting for the oil to drain into the engine. Unlike many billet side covers on the market, we maintain the original engine oil capacity. Other billet side covers reduce the engine's oil capacity by making the side cover flat on its inside.

What does this mean, and why is it an advantage? Easy, Your oil should contain an additive package suited to your engine, allowing better performance and protection, including friction reducers and wear inhibitors, among many other properties. These additives do a better job when more additives are available, especially when the heat starts to break down the oil. Your oil also works as a heat sink to cool the engine. More oil takes longer to heat, meaning a cooler-running engine and less oil breakdown over time. Again the more oil you can run and keep in the engine, the better.

The EC Billet Side Cover also has a machined groove around the perimeter, allowing better crankcase sealing with an O-ring. We stabilize the side cover using two solid pins to replace the hollow stock pins and secure it with 8Mx35 cap screws or upgrade your hardware with our EC Stud Kit. For the most strength, we recommend using Tillotson reinforced blocks. We designed the New Tillotson blocks as the ultimate track weapon when using our new EC Products.

Our attention to detail, high-quality machining, and innovation are what you have come to expect form EC Carburetors.

EC Advance Billet Side Cover includes:
  • 281 EC PCV Valve
  • Crankshaft Bearing
  • Camshaft Bearing
  • Premium Red Oil Seal
  • 23" Sealing O-ring
  • EC Billet Oil Cap
  • Pulse Fitting
  • 2 Solid Dowel Pins
  • Standard 8Mx35 Cap Screws (or Upgrade to EC Stud Kit)
Warning: This side cover will not clear engines that use stock fuel tanks mounted to the engine. This side cover is designed for racing applications only. The side cover has no dipstick due to racing engines changing the oil frequently during race events.