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3.353 Forged Connecting Rod For Wildcat & 224 Predator 3.353 Forged Connecting Rod For Wildcat & 224 Predator

Forged Connecting Rod Series, 3.353-Inch Rod for Wildcat 223cc Engines
Forged Vs Billet
If you are not familiar with the difference between billet and forged, we will explain how forged improves the strength of a connecting rod. A forged rod starts with an extruded metal or billet. the billet is placed into a die and hammered into a near finished shape. The forging reshapes the grain structure of the billet from straight lines into the contour of the parts. The reshaping of the grain structure improves the ductility, which is the component's ability to flex before breaking. the hammered part is also denser to make the overall rod stronger.

Compatible with the Wildcat 223 Stock 70mm Flat Top Piston

Our Rods are fully CNC machined for a bright aluminum finish and accuracy.

Rod Specs:
length: 3.353 - Inch
Weight: Without bearings 135g
Wrist pin journal fits: .709-inch (clone/Predator)
Crankshaft Journal fits 1.180 - inch ( Honda/Clone)

Product Features

  • Length: 3.353 - inch or 84.17mm
  • Weight: Without Bearings 135g
  • Wrist pin Journal fits: .709 - inch (Clone/Predator)
  • Crankshaft Journal Fits: 1.180 Inch (Honda/Clone)

Our Price: $85.99