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Split Sprocket Adapter For Tristar Wheels Universal Sprocket Adapter Douglas Or VANK 3 Bolt Sprocket Adapater
4-1/2" Sprocket Adapter With Flange, machined on the outside for a band brake. Fits Tristar wheels. Has a standard 6 bolt pattern for aluminum split sprockets. Great for Split Sprockets We Recommend The Sprocket Hardware kit For This Adapter
The three bolt patterns are as follows:
  • 3 holes (5/16") on a 3.75" Bolt Circle
  • 4 holes (1/4") on a 3.75" Bolt Circle
  • 4 holes (1/4") on on a 3.228" Bolt Circle (these holes are a bit differently spaced to accommodate the four holes on the mini-hubs AZ_2561 / AZ_2568 / AZ_2565 ( See Example Rim Pictured above in the Thumbnail Pics)

Current stock is all black.
This sprocket adapter fits the Monster Moto 80cc/105cc, Motovox, Doodlebug and Baja mini bikes with the 6 bolt hole pattern on the wheel. It will also fit any wheel that has a 2 7/8" hole pattern for the existing sprocket. Great for converting your mini bike or go kart to the split sprockets for quick and cheap gear ratio changes. This adapter is precision made on a CNC so it will be a really tight fit. If there is any paint on your wheel you may have to file the paint off but this is what you want so your sprocket will run true!

  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • OD: 5.875"
  • Center Hole: 1.47"
  • Machined Shoulder: 4.562"
  • Outside Hole pattern for sprocket: 5.25" with 1/4-28 threaded holes
  • 4 Hole pattern: 2.875"
  • 6 Hole pattern: 1.968"
  • 6 1/4-28 bolts included
This Sprocket Adapter Allows Use of Split Sprockets For Douglas Wheels And VanK Aluminium Wheels. The 1-3/8 Bore Allows The Use of our 5/8 High Speed Precision Sealed Ball Bearing With Snap Ring For Extra Support And Alignment. Spacers Must Be Used For Desired Length From Wheel. ( NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH BEARING. SHOWN IN PICTURE FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY)
Astro Sprocket Adapter
Astro Sprocket Adapter
Our Price: $34.99
This sprocket adapter allows for use with The Astro 6" Rims ( 5 Spoke). It Also uses industry standard split sprockets ranging from 53T-80T in #35 Chain. For Use with The Following Sprocket #35 Chain Split Sprocket 53-78 Tooth,
We recommend The
Sprocket Hardware kit For This Sprocket Adapter. Works perfect with the 5/8 High Speed Precision Sealed Ball Bearing With Snap Ring.