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6350 ARC Billet Rod Briggs Flathead 3.875"

6350 ARC Billet Rod Briggs Flathead 3.875"

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ARC Billet Pro Series Connecting Rod Briggs 5 HP Flathead Stock Replacement ARC's Pro Series rods feature our signature forced oil dipper for extra oiling to the crank pin.
CNC Machined from domestic 7075 T-651 aircraft grade aluminum and have been rigorously tested to field tested for all stock and Super Stock classes.
For the Briggs model 13 horizontal flathead engine 3.875 center to center with a.4908" wrist pin bore * The Enduro line of ARC Billet Rods do not have forced oil dippers *
WKA, IKF and AKRA legal for stock and super stock classes. Dimensions: .9985"X3.875"X.490"

Bearings and Bolts are Included

Rod bolt torque: 170 in/lbs Lubricated

Uses Bearing inserts. Has ARC's exclusive forced oiling scoop dipper. For use with the stock crankshaft and stock piston in "stocker" WKA, IKF, AKRA type flathead 5 HP kart engines. This has been our most popular rod for many years. Includes bolts and bearings.

Rod bolt torque: 170 in/lbs lubricated


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